1. Indicative (Pre-Sessional) Reading 8 items
    1. The Cambridge companion to the Pre-Raphaelites - Prettejohn, Elizabeth 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential A fantastic on-line resource for those of you who want to use the summer to familiarise yourselves with who the Pre-Raphaelites were, and what Pre-Raphaelitism was.

    2. Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian avant-garde - Barringer, Tim, Rosenfeld, Jason, Smith, Alison, Prettejohn, Elizabeth 2012

      Book Essential Historiographically, this is almost a bookend for our module in that this is a catalogue of the most recent large-scale exhibition on the Pre-Raphaelites (in the broadest sense of the word, covering the 1840s to 1890s). We will constantly be referring to the differences between the image of the 'Pre-Raphaelites' presented at this 2012 shocase and comparing that presented in the Tate's 1984 exhibition on the same subject. 'Avant-Garde' is a complex and contested term and the thesis of this exhibition is controversial, to say the least. Pages 8-16 digitised.

    3. The Pre-Raphaelites: reading the image - Barringer, Tim 1998

      Book Suggested for student purchase This has been reissued in 2012 but the earlier version is cheaper (look on Amazon for second hand versions) and is ideal as an introductory text-book on the movement as a whole. Most topics that we explore are presented here in an interesting and thought-provoking thematic format. Barringer's views might have changed since 1998 (see Tate, 2012 catalogue) but this early text is a fantastic example of revisionist writing about the Pre-Raphaelites (as artists) and Pre-Raphaelitism (the movement).

    4. The art of the pre-Raphaelites - Prettejohn, Elizabeth c2000

      Book Essential A thematic and nuanced discussion of the Pre-Raphaelites from the early stirrings of the PRB to the legacy of artists in the 1890s choosing to refer to earlier versions of Pre-Raphaelitism in their work. An excellent (if expensive) text. Pages 233-259 digitised.

    5. The Pre-Raphaelites - Ahlund, Mikael, Nationalmuseum (Sweden) 2009

      Book Recommended A recent Swedish exhibition that focused on the radical nature of the PRB (ahead of the Tate's 2012 exhibition) and explored the work of the Pre-Raphaelites (from 1840s to 1910) in context and mindful of contemporary debates about National Identity.

    6. The Pre-Raphaelite lens: British photography and painting, 1848-1875 - Waggoner, Diane, Barringer, Tim, National Gallery of Art (U.S.), Musâee d'Orsay 2010

      Book Recommended Useful to see the way in which Pre-Raphaelitism as a concept has broadened out beyond painting and poetry. This exhibition travelled to Paris from Washington. Pages 134-175 digitised.

    7. William Morris and Burne-Jones: interlacings - Arscott, Caroline, Morris, William, Burne-Jones, Edward Coley 2008

      Book Recommended A fairly complex but illuminating analysis of the links between Morris's writing and design, and Burne-Jones's painting and applied art. These artists are typical of the public notion of a later form of Pre-Raphaelitism that was certainly not universally acclaimed.

    8. Pre-Raphaelite painting techniques: 1848-56 - Hackney, Stephen, Townsend, Joyce H., Ridge, Jacqueline 2004

      Book Recommended A useful text from the Tate that examined Pre-Raphaelite technique in depth. Pages 9-21 digitised.

  2. Semester One class reading 54 items
    1. Historiography and Methodology - critically evaluating the literature on the Pre-Raphaelites 8 items
      This is the first substantive class we have for this module (week 2). Please try and tackle this reading (in this order) before the beginning of week 2. A detailed worksheet setting out key questions and issues to consider is available on eBridge (folder: THE PRB - sub folder: 'How Pre-Raphaelite were the PRB?')
      1. D.Cherry, 'In a word: Pre-Raphaelites, Pre-Raphaelitism' in M.Giebelhausen and D.Cherry (eds.) Writing the Pre-Raphaelites (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2009)

        Chapter Essential I would read this first as it provides an excellent introduction to historiographical issues that this class seeks to explore. There is a worksheet with helpful glossaries of terms and biographies of key art historians and types of art historical analysis on eBridge in the folder for this topic.

      2. Chapter II: Pre-Raphaelitism: its meaning and its history - John Guille Millais

        Chapter Essential This text is in the library: ND 225 M65 M6 v.1

      3. Pre-Raphaelites - Roger Eliot Fry

        Chapter Essential Another Formalist approach to the Victorian nature of the Pre-Raphaelites. Fry had some respect for Rossetti's watercolours of 1856-7 but, like Bell, saw their early rebellion as a failure.

      4. C.Bell, 'Prolegomena' in Landmarks in nineteenth century painting (London: Chatto and Windus, 1927) pp. 1- 10.

        Chapter Essential An example of the views of Formalist art historians when looking back on the problems of 'Victorian' art. For information on Bell look at the eBridge folder on this topic.

      5. D.Cherry and G.Pollock, 'PATRIARCHAL POWER AND THE PRE-RAPHAELITES', Art History (December 1984).[ via EBSCO]

        Article Essential This is a complex but iconic article setting out Cherry and Pollock's ideological problems with the Tate's 1984 blockbuster exhibition, 'The Pre-Raphaelites' (catalogue by L.Parris - multiple copies of which are in the resource room).

    2. How 'Pre-Raphaelite' were the PRB? 8 items
      1. The P.R.B Journal: May1849--25th Sept 1849 - William Michael Rossetti

        Chapter Essential This, along with the 'List of Immortals' and 'The Germ' is often thought to be one of the key primary sources recording the interests and nature of the PRB from its inception to 'dissolution' (albeit via the editorial lens of W.M.Rossetti).

      2. Pre-Raphaelitism - Hilary Fraser

        Chapter Recommended This chapter provides vital context in terms of the contemporary interest in Pre-Raphael art in the 1840s.

      3. Chapter 10 (part): England and the transition: romanticism to realism - Albert Boime

        Chapter Background Fantastic for setting the PRB in the context of Victorian Gothic, the development of Realism, Ruskin's beliefs in Truth to Nature etc.

      4. Truth & beauty: the Pre-Raphaelites and the Old Masters - Melissa E. Buron 2018

        Book Essential

    3. Literature, Religion and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood 9 items
      1. M. Giebelhausen, Painting the Bible: representation and belief in mid-Victorian Britain (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006) - Giebelhausen, Michaela 2006

        Book Essential A fantastic resource that provides vast amounts of contextual details on the reception of Religious imagery in the late 1840s and early 1850s. Holman Hunt's religious aims for his brand of Pre-Raphaelitism also receives excellent analysis. Pages 127-187 digitised.

      2. Chapter 1: The ugliness of early Pre-Raphaelitism - J B Bullen

        Chapter Essential Excellent analysis of the reaction of contemporary critics to Millais's 1850 'Christ in the House of his Parents'. A model for contemporary source analysis.

      3. Art and the academy in the nineteenth century - Rafael Cardoso Denis, Colin Trodd, University of Birmingham. Barber Institute of Fine Arts 2000

        Book Essential Chapter 10 digitised.

    4. Ruskin, Nature and Pre-Raphaelite Landscape 12 items
      1. The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape - Allen Staley 2001

        Book Essential This is a second edition of Staley's iconic 1973 book that explored the relationship between the PRB and Landscape. Ruskin had suggested in his second letter to The Times (30.51851) that this group would be the next great school of landscape painters, but was this really the case? Much of the thesis that Staley develops is redolent of History of Art in the 1970s and there is little effort to contextualise the style or subject of Pre-Raphaelite landscapes. Pages 238-253 digitised.

      2. A.Staley (ed.), Pre-Raphaelite vision: truth to nature (London: Tate, 2004) - Staley, Allen, Newall, Christopher, Smith, Alison, Warrell, Ian 2004

        Book Essential Another classic Tate Britain exhibition exploring the 'modern' aspects of the Pre-Raphaelites interest in Nature and Landscape. Useful for considering the relationship between Ruskin and the PRB (many of the group didn't even meet him until 1852!)

      3. R.Hewison, Ruskin, Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites (London: Tate, 2000) - Hewison, Robert, Wildman, Stephen, Warrell, Ian, Tate Gallery 2000

        Book Essential Important Tate Britain exhibition considering the relationship between Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites. How could Ruskin consider both Turner and Millais to be 'Pre-Raphaelites'? This catalogue tackles that conundrum.

      4. J.Ribner, 'Our English Coasts, 1852: William Holman Hunt and Invasion Fear at Midcentury', Art Journal, vol. 55, No.2, Summer 1996 - Jonathan P. Ribner 1996

        Article Essential An excellent example of a more recent, revisionist, reading of a Pre-Raphaelite Landscape.

      5. 'Review of Alan Staley's 2001 second edition of 'The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape', The Burlington Magazine, Vo. 143, Nov. 2001 - Review by: Judith Bronkhurst 2001

        Journal Essential Staley's thesis (first published in 1973) is important to our understanding of the Pre-Raphaelite relationship to nature

      6. "A new and noble school": Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites - John Ruskin, Stephen Wildman, Robert Hewison 2014

        Book Essential Hewison, John. A new and noble school in England: Ruskin and the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. pp.17-33. Digitised.

      7. The Pre-Raphaelites and science - John Holmes, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 2018

        Book Essential

    5. Holman Hunt, Religion, Nature and the Holy Land 5 items
      1. Chapters 14, 15, and 16 (Volume 1): Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood I1905) [for Hunt's explanation as to his need to travel to the Holy Land and experiences therein] - William Holman Hunt 1905

        Chapter Essential Remember Pollock and Cherry's cautionary words about tackling this as some kind of privileged primary source (1984). See Codell or Marcus (below)

      2. William Holman Hunt: painter, painting, paint - Carol Jacobi 2006

        Book Essential Chapter 1: Autobiography: experience and interpretation, pp.372-426, is available digitally.

    6. Modern Life and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood 4 items
      1. Chapter 2: The Pre-Raphaelite modern life subject - A I Grieve

        Chapter Essential A rather dated text but one that established the radical nature of Pre-Raphaelite interest in the contemporary world. As the title suggests, focuses largely on Rossetti's 'Found' but provides useful context for the broader, Pre-Raphaelite, interest in 'Modern Life'.

      2. G.Landow, 'The Influence of William Hogarth on Pre-Raphaelite Integrated Symbolism' via The Victorian Web [originally published as a section in Landow's 1979 book, 'Replete with Meaning: William Holman Hunt and Typological Symbolism']

        Webpage Essential Hogarth pioneered 'Modern Moral Subjects' and the PRB interest in Hogarth is explored here by Landow as part of his 1979 text exploring 'Typological Symbolism' and the PRB.

      3. Chapter 3: Artistic manhood: the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood - Herbert Sussman

        Chapter Essential Much of the literature on PRB images of Modern Life questions how radical these paintings really were. Sussman's thesis (he was an early advocate of the PRB as an English Avant-Garde) explores the transgressive Masculinity of this homosocial group, and the inherent problems with this model of artistic rebellion in the 1850s.

    7. On the Margins on Pre-Raphaelitism? Women and Sculpture 8 items
      1. W.M.Rossetti, 'Dante Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal', Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs, Vol. 1, May 1903 - W. M. Rossetti, Dante Rossetti and Harold Hartley 1903

        Article Recommended Note the date of 1903. William Michael Rossetti was in the process of editing the life and letters of his brother and this is a carefully mediated public image of the relationship between Lizzie and Gabriel.

      2. J.Marsh and P.Gerrish-Nunn, Pre-Raphaelite women artists (Manchester: Manchester City Art Galleries, 1997) - Marsh, Jan, Nunn, Pamela Gerrish, Manchester City Art Galleries 1997

        Book  This is the catalogue of the first major exhibition to tackle the issue of female involvement in the Pre-Raphaelite movement and with Pre-Raphaelite trends in the 1850s-90s. Crucially, March and Gerrish Nunn used the terminology of 'first', 'second' and 'third' 'generations of Pre-Raphaelites. Pages 54-101 digitised.

      3. J.Marsh, The legend of Elizabeth Siddal (London: Quartet, 1992) - Marsh, Jan 1992

        Book  A classic Feminist reappraisal of Elizabeth Siddal, examining her ambitions as a female painter/poet and her mythic status as Rossetti's muse and model.

      4. B.Read (ed.), Pre-Raphaelite sculpture: nature and imagination in British sculpture, 1848-1914 (London: Henry Moore Foundation, 1991) - Read, Benedict, Barnes, Joanna, Matthiesen Gallery (London, England), Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery 1991


      5. M.Hatt, 'Can Sculpture be Pre-Raphaelite?' iTunes - Podcasts - National Gallery of Art | Audio by The National Gallery of Art - click on iTunes podcast number 105

        Webpage Recommended Please note that when Michael Hatt gave his lecture at the NGA, Washington (2012) a number of Pre-Raphaelite scholars were appalled by his dismissal of artists like Alexander Munro as Pre-Raphaelite….

      6. My Ladys Soul: the poems of Elizabeth Eleanor Siddall - Elizabeth Eleanor Siddall 2018

        Book Essential

  3. Semester Two class reading 164 items
    1. Transformations in Pre-Raphaelitism 1856-1859 (week 1) 7 items
      1. Rossetti and his circle - Prettejohn, Elizabeth, Tate Gallery 1997

        Book Recommended Please can everyone read pp.12-16 and 19-24. In particular you should be looking for the changing notion and use of symbolism in this period, and the imminent arrival of a new notion of beauty, and a new painting style, on the Pre-Raphaelite scene. Pages 8-16 digitised.

      2. Object, symbol and metaphor: Rossetti's musical imagery - Kirsten H Powell 1993

        Article Recommended Useful for analyzing the role of symbolism (and iconography) in Rossetti's 'Tune of the Seven Towers' and 'The Blue Closet'.

      3. Chapter 1: Two early aesthetic pictures - Elizabeth Prettejohn

        Chapter Essential Pretttejohn's chapter focuses on 'Proto-Aesthetic paintings' focuses on Millais's 'Autumn Leaves' and Rossetti's 'The Blue Closet'

      4. Poetry and the Pre-Raphaelite arts: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Morris - Helsinger, Elizabeth K. c2008

        Book Recommended Rossetti and Morris's versions of 'The Tune of the Seven Towers' are discussed in relation to Pre-Raphaelite painting and poetry, pp.6-9 and 80 - 83. The chapter on the transgressive nature of colour in Pre-Raphaelite practice is also thought-provoking.

      5. Pre-Raphaelite papers - Parris, Leslie, Tate Gallery 1984

        Book  M.Warner's chapter on Autumn Leaves in 'Pre-Raphaelite Papers' is interesting (although you might remember that Pollock pulled it to bits in one of the first articles we read). I would make sure that you read this chapter critically, mindful of the Tate's 2006 ('Millais') catalogue entry on the painting.

    2. Rossetti's Women (weeks 2 and 3) 8 items
      1. The collected letters of Jane Morris - Jane Burden Morris 2012

        Book Essential

      2. Chapter 1: Rossetti and the scandal of art for art's sake in the early 1860s - Alastair Grieve 1999

        Chapter Essential Please read this chapter before Tuesday's class (week 2)

      3. Rossetti and his models - Alicia Faxon Craig 1985

        Article  Craig's article was obviously written back in the 1980s. Should we now classify these 'female heads with floral attributes' as portaits? Do these paintings simply narrate Rossetti's personal love-life?

      4. Dante Gabriel Rosetti - Treuherz, Julian, Prettejohn, Elizabeth, Becker, Edwin 2003

        Book Recommended This is the catalogue from a substantial exhibition dedicated to Rossetti's work (book illustrations, applied art work, paintings, drawings etc.) organised jointly with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. There is a key section on 'Rossetti's women'.

      5. The age of Rossetti, Burne-Jones & Watts: symbolism in Britain 1860-1910 - Wilton, Andrew, Upstone, Robert, Tate Gallery 1997

        Book Recommended

      6. The Pre-Raphaelite body: fear and desire in painting, poetry, and criticism - Bullen, J.B. 1998

        Book Recommended Part of Chapter two specifically looks at 'The Sexualised Woman: Bocca Baciata' (pp.89-109) and Chapter three covers 'Rossetti and Male Desire', including a section on 'The Woman in the Mirror'.

    3. Burne-Jones (week 4) 10 items
      Please use the specialist bibliography provided on eBridge to help you research individual works of art by Burne-Jones
      1. Chapter 4: Health and manliness in the reception of Edward Burne-Jones's work - Amelia Yeates 2014

        Chapter Essential Digitised. Important recent chapter on Masculinity and the reception of Burne-Jones's work

      2. Edward Burne-Jones - Peters Corbett, David 2004

        Book  An excellent (brief) introduction to Burne-Jones.

      3. Art for art's sake: aestheticism in Victorian painting - Prettejohn, Elizabeth c2007

        Book  The chapter on Burne-Jones situates him as an artist intensely interested in creating Aesthetic environments rather than individual paintings. Interestingly, Prettejohn also discusses 'King Cophetua' as the artist's most 'political' work.

      4. Aestheticism - Elizabeth Prettejohn

        Chapter  A useful summary of key Aesthetic trends.

      5. William Morris and Burne-Jones: interlacings - Arscott, Caroline, Morris, William, Burne-Jones, Edward Coley 2008


      6. Edward Burne-Jones: the earthly paradise - Burne-Jones, Edward Coley, Conrad, Christofer, Zettel, Annabel, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart c2009


      7. The Grosvenor Gallery: a palace of art in Victorian England - Casteras, Susan P., Denney, Colleen 1996


      8. Edward Burne-Jones, Victorian artist-dreamer - Wildman, Stephen, Christian, John, Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery 1998


      9. Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones - Burne-Jones, Georgiana 1904

        Book  An important but problematic source, detailing the 'greatness' of Burne-Jones by his wife. Consider this source in relation to Codell's writing on 'Family Biographies', JPRS, January 1996

      10. Edward Burne-Jones - Alison Smith 2018

        Book Essential

    4. Solomon, Sandys and Cameron (week 5) 18 items
      1. Rossetti and his circle - Elizabeth Prettejohn, Tate Gallery 1997

        Book Essential Introductory but very useful for discussing Sandys, Solomon, Swinburne and Burne-Jones at Cheyne Walk in the 1860s.

      2. Victorian aesthetic conditions: Pater across the arts - Elicia Clements, Lesley Higgins 2010 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential

      3. Frederick Sandys: 1829-1904 : a catalogue raisonnâe - Elzea, Betty, Schoenherr, Douglas E. 2001


      4. Chapter 10: Female Savants and the erotics of knowledge in pre-Raphaelite art - Beverly Taylor 1997

        Chapter  Taylor's chapter focuses on Sandys' images of femmes fatales and empowered women in the context of contemporary fears concerning women and knowledge.

      5. Pre-Raphaelite drawing - Colin Cruise, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, Art Gallery of New South Wales c2011

        Book Essential Some of Sandys and Solomon's drawings are extraordinary.

      6. Visions of love and life: Pre-Raphaelite art from the Birmingham collection, England - Stephen Wildman, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, Art Services International 1995

        Book Essential Birmigham has excellent holdings of Sandys and Solomon's work (including some extraordinary drawings). Also see Cruise re. drawings.

      7. Love revealed: Simeon Solomon and the Pre-Raphaelites - Cruise, Colin, Solomon, Simeon, Ferrari, Roberto C., Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery 2005

        Book Essential Cruise has written extensively about Solomon as a Pre-Raphaelite.

      8. Recreating Rome in Victorian painting: from history to genre - Elizabeth Prettejohn 1996

        Chapter  Essay by Prettejohn extensively discusses 'Habet!' - hardly seen in English texts on PRism in this country before 1996

      9. The impact of photography in the nineteenth century - H Birchall

        Chapter Background A brief introduction to debates concerning photography as an art form in this period.

      10. Aestheticism - Elizabeth Prettejohn

        Chapter Background A brief introduction to debates concerning photography as an art form in this period.

      11. The Pre-Raphaelite lens: British photography and painting, 1848-1875 - Waggoner, Diane, Barringer, Tim, National Gallery of Art (U.S.), Musee d'Orsay 2010

        Book Essential Excellent discussion of Rossetti and Cameron.

      12. Julia Margaret Cameron's women - Sylvia Wolf, Julia Margaret Pattle Cameron, Stephanie Lipscomb, Debra N. Mancoff 1998

        Book Recommended

      13. Julia Margaret Cameron - Joanne Lukitsh 2006

        Book Essential

      14. Julia Margaret Cameron: the complete photographs - Julian Cox, Colin Ford, National Museum of Photography, Film, and Television (Great Britain) c2003

        Book Essential

      15. Ancient magic and the supernatural in the modern visual and performing arts - Filippo Carla, Irene Berti 2015 (electronic resource)

        Book  Chapter on Medea in c.19 painting

      16. Lewis Carroll, photographer: the Princeton University Library albums - Roger Taylor, Edward Wakeling 2002

        Book Essential

    5. Patronage of Second Generation Pre-Raphaelitism (week 6) 5 items
      1. Art and the Victorian middle class: money and the making of cultural identity - Macleod, Dianne Sachko 1996

        Book Essential Chapter 3: Pre-Raphaelitism: progressive or regressive? pp.139-208 digitised.

      2. 'ART COLLECTING AND VICTORIAN MIDDLE-CLASS TASTE', Art History, September 1987 - MacLeod, Dianne Sachko

        Article  We have already looked at Macleod's 'pattern of patronage' for the early to mid Victorian period. Assess the validity of her next two patterns of patronage in relation to PR patrons such as Leyland, Rae, Grahem etc.

      3. Katharine A. Lochnan. " Leyland, F. R.." Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. Web. 12 Feb. 2014.

        Webpage  Useful for references to primary sources about Leyland's collection in contemporary periodicals

    6. Morris and Co. Applied Pre-Raphaelitism (week 7) 5 items
      1. May Morris: arts & crafts designer - Anna Mason 2017

        Book Essential

      2. Gavin Stamp. "Bodley, G. F.." Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. Web. 12 Feb. 2014.

        Webpage  Bodley was the architect of St Martin's on the Hill, Scarborough - our case-study for examining Applied Pre-Raphaelitism in the early 1860s and 70s

    7. Pre-Raphaelitism, Aestheticism and The Aesthetic Movement (week 8) 6 items
      1. The cult of beauty: the aesthetic movement, 1860-1900 - Calloway, Stephen, Orr, Lynn Federle, Whittaker, Esmâe, Victoria and Albert Museum 2011


      2. Page   You can download this book as a PDF or red the entire text on-line
    8. Late Hunt and Millais (week 9) 4 items
      1. William Holman Hunt: a catalogue raisonnâe - Bronkhurst, Judith, Hunt, William Holman 2006

        Book  Use the index for entries on The Shadow of Death (various versions), The Triumph of the Innocents and other late works by Hunt listed in the relevant eBridge folder.

      2. Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood - Hunt, William Holman 1905

        Book  Both volumes have been digitised by the library. Please click through to the link via the library catalogue. Use the index for The Shadow of Death and The Triumph of the Innocents.

      3. Time present and time past: the art of John Everett Millais - Barlow, Paul c2005

        Book  An important thesis that re-evaluates Millais's later work.

    9. A Third Generation? Late manifestations of Pre-Raphaelitism (week 10) 4 items
      1. J.W. Waterhouse: the modern pre-Raphaelite - Prettejohn, Elizabeth 2009

        Book  Pages 37-49 digitised.

      2. The third generation 1880-1910 - Jan Marsh, Pamela Gerrish Nunn


      3. Poetry in beauty: the Pre-Raphaelite art of Marie Spartali Stillman - Margaretta S. Frederick 2016

        Book Essential

    10. New purchases (requests submitted to the library for new texts to support this module) 74 items
      1. Pre-Raphaelite treasures at National Museums Liverpool - Laura MacCulloch, National Museums Liverpool 2013

        Book Essential

      2. Pre-Raphaelite masculinities: constructions of masculinity in art and literature - Amelia Yeates, Serena Trowbridge, Jay Sloan 2014

        Book Essential Pages 81-100 digitised.

      3. Ruskin on the Pre-Raphaelites: a new and noble school - John Ruskin 2013

        Book Essential

      4. John Everett Millais - Jason Rosenfeld c2012

        Book Essential

      5. William Morris textiles - Linda Parry c2013

        Book Essential

      6. William Blake: the complete illuminated books - William Blake, David Bindman, William Blake, William Blake Trust 2001

        Book Essential

      7. Blake and Rossetti - Preston Kerrison 1944

        Book Recommended

      8. Arts and Crafts book covers - Malcolm Haslam, Blackwell House (Windermere, England) 2012

        Book Essential

      9. Anarchy & beauty: William Morris and his legacy, 1860-1960 - Fiona MacCarthy, National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain) 2014

        Book Essential

      10. Walter Crane: the arts and crafts, painting, and politics, 1875-1890 - Morna O'Neill, Walter Crane, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 2010

        Book Essential

      11. Sculpture victorious: art in an age of invention, 1837-1901 - Martina Droth 2014

        Book Essential

      12. Anarchy & beauty: William Morris and his legacy, 1860-1960 - Fiona MacCarthy, National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain) 2014

        Book Essential

      13. William Morris and the art of everyday life - Wendy Parkins 2010

        Book Essential

      14. The poor man's picture gallery: stereoscopy versus paintings in the Victorian era - Brian May, Denis Pellerin, Tate Gallery 2014

        Book Essential

      15. Dante in the nineteenth century: reception, canonicity, popularization - N. R. Havely c2011

        Book Recommended

      16. William Morris: story, memory and myth - Esme Whittaker 2011

        Book Essential

      17. Victoria & Albert: art & love - Jonathan Marsden, Queen's Gallery (London, England) 2010], ©2010

        Book Recommended

      18. A royal passion: Queen Victoria and photography - Anne M. Lyden, Sophie Gordon, Jennifer Green-Lewis, J. Paul Getty Museum 2014

        Book Recommended

      19. Painting labour in Scotland and Europe, 1850-1900 - John Morrison 2014

        Book Recommended

      20. Art & soul: Victorians and the Gothic - Joanne Parker, Corinna Wagner, Royal Albert Memorial Museum (Exeter) 2014

        Book Recommended

      21. Effie Gray 2015

        Audio-visual document Essential

      22. Life, legend, landscape: Victorian drawings & watercolours - Joanna Selborne, Elizabeth Prettejohn, Caroline Arscott, Courtauld Institute Galleries (London) c2011

        Book Recommended

      23. City of gold and mud: painting Victorian London - Nancy Rose Marshall 2012

        Book Essential

      24. Beauty's awakening: drawings by the Pre-Raphaelites and their contemporaries from the Lanigan collection - Sonia Del Re, Dennis T. Lanigan, Christopher Newall, National Gallery of Canada c2015

        Book Essential

      25. Pre-Raphaelites: beauty and rebellion - Christopher Newall 2016

        Book  new exhibition catalogue - hope to visit with 20407 class in March 2016

      26. Botticelli reimagined - Mark Evans, Stefan Weppelmann

        Book Essential

      27. Orientalism: the Orient in Western Art - Gérard-Georges Lemaire 2013

        Book Essential

      28. Painting with light: art and photography from the pre-Raphaelite to the modern age - Carol Jacobi, Hope Kingsley 2016

        Book Essential

      29. Beauty's awakening: drawings by the Pre-Raphaelites and their contemporaries from the Lanigan collection - Sonia Del Re, Dennis T. Lanigan, Christopher Newall, National Gallery of Canada c2015

        Book Essential

      30. Edwin Longsden Long RA. - Mark Bills 1998

        Book Recommended

      31. Liberating fashion: aesthetic dress in Victorian portraits - Rhian Addison, Hilary Underwood, Nicholas Tromans, Watts Gallery 2015

        Book Essential

      32. G. F. Watts: Victorian Visionary : highlights from the Watts Gallery collection - Mark Bills, Barbara Bryant, Stephanie Brown, Watts Gallery Oct 2008

        Book Recommended

      33. G.F. Watts: the last great Victorian - Veronica Franklin Gould c2004

        Book Recommended

      34. G.F. Watts portraits: fame and beauty in Victorian society - Barbara Bryant London

        Book Recommended

      35. The art of Kate Greenaway: a nostalgic portrait of childhood - Ina Taylor, Kate Greenaway 1991

        Book Recommended

      36. Victorian literature and the anorexic body - Anna Krugovoy Silver 2006

        Book Recommended

      37. The citizen's body: desire, health, and the social in Victorian England - Pamela K. Gilbert c2007

        Book Essential

      38. A Plea for the Faithful Restoration of Our Ancient Churches (classic reprint) - George G. Scott 2015

        Book Essential We also have the 1850 edition, please see the library catalogue for further details.

      39. George Gilbert Scott 1811-1878: an architect and his influence - P. S. Barnwell, Geoffrey Tyack, William Whyte 2014

        Book Recommended

      40. Arts & crafts stained glass - Peter Cormack 2015

        Book Essential

      41. Angels & icons: Pre-Raphaelite stained glass, 1850-1870 - William Waters, Alastair Carew-Cox 2012

        Book Essential

      42. Fighting history - M.G. et al Sullivan 2015

        Book Essential

      43. Victorian animal dreams: representations of animals in Victorian literature and culture - Deborah Denenholz Morse, Martin A. Danahay

        Book Recommended

      44. The Nazarenes: Romantic Avant-Garde and the Art of the Concept - Cordula Grewe 2015

        Book Essential

      45. Aubrey Beardsley: a catalogue raisonné - Linda Gertner Zatlin 2016

        Book Essential

      46. Thomas Woolner, R. A., Sculptor and Poet: His Life in Letters - Thomas Woolner 2016

        Book Essential

      47. Elizabeth Siddal 1829-1862: Pre-Raphaelite artist - Jan Marsh 1991

        Book Essential

      48. Reflections: Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites - Alison Smith, Susan Foister, Caroline Bugler, Anna Koopstra 2017

        Book Recommended

      49. Designing the V&A: the museum as a work of art (1857-1909) - Julius Bryant 2017

        Book Recommended

      50. God's architect: Pugin and the building of romantic Britain - Rosemary Hill 2008

        Book Essential SINGLE USER EBOOK: Please note that the online resource button in this entry will take you to a version of the eBook of the title which will only allow one user at a time to access the eBook.

      51. Gothic revival worldwide: A.W.N. Pugin's global influence - Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Jan de Maeyer, Martin Bressani, Centre for Research in European Architecture 2016


      52. The stained glass of A.W.N. Pugin - Stanley A. Shepherd, Alastair Carew-Cox 2009

        Book Recommended

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