1. This list shows general resources and seminar readings for the module. Please be aware that, in general, it does not contain the longer list of background readings for sub-topics which is contained in the module handbook, but these will also be useful if you are investigating particular documents or writing essays on a topic. A small number of 'background' books have however been listed in certain weeks as we are recommending them to the Library as new purchases and it will show them where they fit into the module.

  2. General background readings 13 items
    1. Yugoslavia as history: twice there was a country - Lampe, John R. 2000

      Book Essential

    2. The Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s - Catherine Baker 2015

      Book Essential This is not a textbook for the module in the sense that we will be working directly from it, but its structure is based on past Special Subject teaching so the themes and questions in the book are similar to the coverage in the module. Please remember that when marking assessed work I am not looking for how well an argument restates something another historian (including me) has written – the higher mark bands ask you to synthesise a range of sources, showing breadth and depth, to express and support an original argument of your own.

    3. The three Yugoslavias: state-building and legitimation, 1918-2005 - Ramet, Sabrina P. c2006

      Book Essential

    4. Bosnia and Hercegovina: a tradition betrayed - Donia, Robert J., Fine, John V.A. 1994

      Book Recommended Chapter 1 digitised

    5. Yugoslavia: a state that withered away - Jovic, Dejan c2009

      Book Recommended Detailed argument about the second (Communist) Yugoslavia

    6. Yugoslavia: when ideals collide - Lane, Ann 2004

      Book Recommended A brief introduction, but contains some inaccurate dates - be sure to cross-check dates with other works

    7. Kosovo: a short history - Malcolm, Noel 1998

      Book Background

    8. The death of Yugoslavia - Silber, Laura, Little, Allan 1996

      Book Recommended Focuses on break-up of Yugoslavia

    9. A concise history of Bosnia - Cathie Carmichael 2015

      Book Background

    10. The history of Bosnia: from the Middle Ages to the present day - Marko Attila Hoare 2007

      Book Background

  3. General readings on the historiography 9 items
    1. Thinking about Yugoslavia: scholarly debates about the Yugoslav breakup and the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo - Ramet, Sabrina P. 2005

      Book Background Re historiography - will make more sense later in the module

    2. Instant History: Understanding the Wars of Yugoslav Succession - Gale Stokes, John Lampe, Dennison Rusinow and Julie Mostov 1996

      Article Recommended

    3. Yugoslavia Vanishes: The British Turn to the Serbian Question - JOHN R. LAMPE 2011-2

      Article  Use Canvas link for online access

  4. Approaching Yugoslav history 2 items
    1. The myth of ethnic war: Serbia and Croatia in the 1990s - Gagnon, V. P. 2004

      Book Essential

    2. The fall of Yugoslavia: the third Balkan war - Glenny, Misha 1993

      Book Essential Chapter 1 digitised

  5. Yugoslavia’s predecessors 8 items
    1. The Milošević trial: an autopsy - Timothy William Waters 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential For an overview of Yugoslav c20 history, by the end of this week please either have read a) ch 1 of Waters ('The context, contested') or b) one of the 'key survey works' from the list near the back of the module handbook.

    2. The Habsburg empire: a new history - Pieter M. Judson 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Background

    3. On the Integration of the Croatian Nation: A Case Study in Nation Building - Gross, Mirjana Summer 1981

      Article Essential If this link does not work, please search the Library Catalogue for the journal East European Quarterly and browse to issue 15:2 (1981).

    4. Europe's Balkan Muslim: a new history - Nathalie Clayer 2017

      Book Background

    5. The Sandžak: a history - Kenneth Morrison, Elizabeth Roberts 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

  6. South Slav unification and the First World War 6 items
    1. Paic and trumbic, the kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes: makers of the modern world, the peace conferences of 1919-23 and their aftermath - Dejan Djokic 2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Read the ‘War and unification’ chapter at minimum, plus the rest of part 1 for longer-term background if you want to.

    2. A companion to World War I - Horne, John 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Mark Cornwall chapter 'Austria-Hungary and "Yugoslavia"'

    3. Yugoslavia: when ideals collide - Lane, Ann 2004

      Book Recommended Chapter 2 for seminar - digitised

    4. The sleepwalkers: how Europe went to war in 1914 - Christopher M. Clark 2013

      Book Background

  7. Imagining the Balkans 5 items
    1. Inventing Ruritania: the imperialism of the imagination - Goldsworthy, Vesna 1998

      Book Essential Ch 3 for seminar - digitised

    2. Orientalism - Said, Edward William 2003

      Book Recommended Introduction digitised

  8. Foreign lobbyists and humanitarians, 1912–19 6 items
    1. Gender in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe and the USSR. - Catherine Baker 2016

      Book Essential Dimitrijevic chapter on volunteer nurses in Serbia for seminar This title has not yet been published. It has been ordered for the library but will not be available until the publication date has been reached. The latest publication date we have is 18 NOV 2016

    2. British women of the Eastern Front: war, writing and experience in Serbia and Russia, 1914-20 - Angela Smith 2016

      Book Recommended Also useful as context for documents in Women, War and Society collection

  9. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia 7 items
    1. Constructing Yugoslavia: a transnational history - Drapac, Vesna 2010

      Book Recommended For seminar - ch 2 has been digitised, also read ch 3 if you can

    2. Yugoslavism: histories of a failed idea, 1918-1992 - Djokic, Dejan c2003

      Book Recommended Djokic chapter '(Dis)integrating Yugoslavia' for seminar, digitised

    3. Making Yugoslavs: identity in King Aleksandar's Yugoslavia - Christian Axboe Nielsen 2014

      Book Recommended

  10. The Second World War in Yugoslavia: occupation, collaboration, resistance and revolution 10 items
    1. The Balkans: revolution, war, and political violence since 1878 - Biondich, Mark 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Ch 3 for seminar

    2. European resistance in the Second World War - Philip E. Cooke, Ben Shepherd 2013

      Book Recommended Pavlakovic chapter on 'Yugoslavia' (overview of Partisan and Chetnik movements)

    3. Hitler's new disorder: the Second World War in Yugoslavia - Pavlowitch, Stevan K. c2008

      Book Recommended Conclusion for seminar, Available digitised

    4. Genocide and resistance in Hitler's Bosnia: the Partisans and the Chetniks, 1941-1943 - Marko Attila Hoare, British Academy 2006

      Book Background

    5. Chapter 2: Yugoslavia during the Second World War - Jozo Tomasevich 1969

      Chapter Recommended

    6. The Bosnian Muslims in the Second World War: a history - Marko Attila Hoare 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Introduction for seminar. Despite the title, book has a wider scope (about Communist statebuilding 1943–45) and is putting the case that WW2 in Bosnia should also be thought of as the ‘Bosnian Revolution’.

  11. Yugoslavia in international history during and after WW2 8 items
    1. Chapter 10: The Cold War in the Balkans, 1945-1956 - Svetozar Rajek 2010

      Chapter Recommended Available- digitised

    2. The king who never was: an instance of Italian involvement in Croatia, 1941-3 - Stevan K Pavlowitch 1978

      Article Background One of a number of background articles for this week (from the list in module handbook).

  12. The politics of Tito's Yugoslavia 5 items
    1. The Yugoslav experiment,1948-1974 - Rusinow, Dennison, Royal Institute of International Affairs 1977

      Book Essential Ch 6 for seminar, Available -digitised

    2. The new class: an analysis of the communist system - Djilas, Milovan 1957

      Book Recommended Ch 3 for seminar, digitised

    3. Balkan idols: religion and nationalism in Yugoslav states - Vjekoslav Perica 2002 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Chapter 6 is a seminar reading (explains what 'brotherhood and unity' meant - you will see this phrase a lot in readings on Yugoslav Communist ideology)

    4. Contemporary Yugoslavia: twenty years of socialist experiment - Vucinich, Wayne S. 1969

      Book Recommended Vucinich chapter 'Nationalism and Communism' for seminar. Available - digitised

    5. Promises of 1968: crisis, illusion, and utopia - Vladimir Tismaneanu 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Background chapter on 1968 in Yugoslavia is useful

  13. Everyday life and ‘socialist consumerism’ 5 items
    1. Bought & sold: living and losing the good life in socialist Yugoslavia - Patterson, Patrick Hyder 2011

      Book Essential Ch 7 for seminar, Patterson's argument is essential for understanding this turn in the literature. Library has print copies, an eBook and a photocopy of chapter 7 available.

    2. Communism unwrapped: consumption in Cold War Eastern Europe - Bren, Paulina, Neuburger, Mary 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Bracewell chapter for seminar

    3. How we survived communism and even laughed - Drakuliâc, Slavenka 1993

      Book Recommended Ch 19 for seminar, digitised

  14. The 1980s crisis 8 items
    1. Debating the end of Yugoslavia - Florian Bieber, Armina Galijas, Rory Archer 2014

      Book Recommended Archer, Chapter 9: Social inequalities and the study of Yugoslavia's dissolution, pp.135-151 is one of the seminar readings you can choose from. Chapters 10-11 also relevant to topic.

    2. State collapse in South-Eastern Europe: new perspectives on Yugoslavia's disintegration - Lenard J. Cohen, Jasna Dragović-Soso 2008

      Book Recommended Dragovic-Soso chapter for seminar

    3. Balkan tragedy: chaos and dissolution after the Cold War - Woodward, Susan L., Brookings Institution c1995

      Book Recommended Ch 4 for seminar, Available -digitised

  15. The independence of Slovenia and Croatia 8 items
    1. The Slovene story - Tomaž Mastnak 1993

      Article Recommended

    2. Resisting the evil: (post-)Yugoslav anti-war contention - Bojan Bili, Vesna Jankovi, Bojan Aleksov 2012

      Book Recommended Spaskovska chapter for seminar

    3. The three Yugoslavias: state-building and legitimation, 1918-2005 - Sabrina P. Ramet c2006

      Book Recommended Ch 14 for seminar

    4. The body of war: media, ethnicity, and gender in the break-up of Yugoslavia - Zarkov, Dubravka 2007

      Book Recommended Introduction for seminar. Available -digitised

    5. Blood and belonging: journeys into the new nationalism - Ignatieff, Michael 1994

      Book Background Chapter 1 digitised

    6. Debating the end of Yugoslavia - Florian Bieber, Armina Galijas, Rory Archer 2014

      Book Recommended

  16. The conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1992–96 14 items
    1. The Serbian project and its adversaries: a strategy of war crimes - Gow, James 2002

      Book Recommended Ch 5 for seminar, Digitised :chs 7 and 9 also relevant to topic

    2. Resisting the evil: (post-)Yugoslav anti-war contention - Bojan Bilić, Vesna Janković, Bojan Aleksov 2012

      Book Recommended Kurtovic ch on alternative culture during siege of Sarajevo is seminar reading

    3. Bosnia-Herzegovina: the end of a legacy - Neven Andjelic 2003

      Book Recommended The key work on Bosnian politics between 1990 and 1992 (ie the Bosnia-specific short-term factors in the war).

    4. Genocide on the Drina river - Edina Bećirević 2014

      Book Recommended An important new book on the Bosnian Genocide. We may use it as an extra seminar reading if the Library purchases it.

    5. The historiography of wartime sexual violence in Bosnia 4 items
      1. Are women human?: and other international dialogues - MacKinnon, Catharine A. 2006

        Book Recommended Chapter 'Turning rape into pornography: postmodern genocide' (this is the essay about Bosnia)

  17. Foreign scholarly controversies and the Yugoslav wars: ‘universalists’ versus ‘relativists’ 10 items
    This list contains the main works being discussed in this seminar, but please refer to Canvas or the module handbook for the breakdown of tasks and works. The task list is divided into several cases, containing a piece of scholarly work and one or more responses to it.
    1. This time we knew: western responses to genocide in Bosnia - Cushman, Thomas, Mestrovic, Stjepan Gabriel c1996

      Book Background Introduction digitised

    2. Denying the Holocaust: the growing assault on truth and memory - Lipstadt, Deborah E. 1993

      Book Background

  18. Foreign peace plans, peacekeeping and media 11 items
    1. The hour of Europe: Western powers and the breakup of Yugoslavia - Glaurdic, Josip c2011

      Book Recommended Introduction for seminar

    2. Yugoslavia and after: a study in fragmentation, despair and rebirth - Dyker, David Alexander, Vejvoda, Ivan 1996

      Book Recommended Woodward chapter for seminar, digitised

    3. Chapter 9: Bosnia: "no more than witnesses at a funeral - Samantha Power 2007

      Chapter Background See also her separate chapters on Srebrenica 1995 and Kosovo 1999, which we were not allowed to digitise.

    4. Unfinest hour: Britain and the destruction of Bosnia - Simms, Brendan 2001

      Book Recommended Ch 1 for seminar, digitised

    5. Mobilities in socialist and post-socialist states: societies on the move - Kathy Burrell, Kathrin Horschelmann 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Baker ch on peacekeepers and 'mobility'

    6. In harm's way: Bosnia - a war reporter's story - Bell, Martin 2012

      Book Recommended

    7. Security as practice: discourse analysis and the Bosnian war - Lene Hansen c2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Chapter 8 for seminar

    8. Framing War and Genocide: British Policy and News Media Reaction to the War in Bosnia - Gregory Kent 2006

      Book Recommended See Chapter 5: Moral equalisation by media in the wars of Serbian expansion. pp.251-337.

    9. Sarajevo's Holiday Inn on the frontline of politics and war - Kenneth Morrison 2016

      Book Background

  19. The Kosovo War 6 items
    1. Understanding the war in Kosovo - Bieber, Florian, Daskalovski, éZidas 2003

      Book Recommended Dauphinée chapter 5 for seminar, digitised

    2. The Kosovo report: conflict, international response, lessons learned - Independent International Commission on Kosovo 2000 (electronic resource)

      Book Background

    3. LGBT activism and Europeanisation in the post-Yugoslav space: on the rainbow way to Europe - Bojan Bilic 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Useful for LGBT politics in Serbia after Milosevic (as well as the rest of the Yugoslav region)

  20. Justice and reconciliation 8 items
  21. Popular culture and memory 6 items
    1. The Confiscation of Memory - Dubravka Ugresic

      Document Recommended

  22. Digitised texts 42 items
    1. Introduction - Christopher Bennett


    2. Bosnia - Sumantra Bose


    3. Introduction - Michael Ignatieff


    4. The establishment of the Balkan national states, 1804-1920 - Charles Jelavich, Barbara Jelavich 1977

      Book Background Ch. 17 digitised.

  23. eBooks available 5 items
    1. Gender ironies of nationalism: sexing the nation - Tamar Mayer 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  See chapter 4: Sexing the nation: desexing the body: politics of national identity in the former Yugoslavia

    2. Beyond Marx and Tito: theory and practice in Yugoslav socialism - Sharon Zukin 1975

      Book  See chapter 2: The official ideology of self-management

    3. Europe and the recognition of new states in Yugoslavia - Richard Caplan 2005

      Book  See chapter 4: EC recognition of new states in Yugoslavia

  24. Going beyond your reading list 1 item
    1. You will find further information about the resources available in your subject area via the History LibGuide.  General access to Skills support and Library services can also be found here

  25. Primary source collections 1 item
    Most of the primary source collections that students can use for dissertation research are electronic databases or digital collections and are listed on Canvas. This list only contains primary source collections that the Library has as print copies.
    1. European Community -- Yugoslav relations: debates and documents that mattered, (1968-1992) - Branislav Radeljić 2017

      Book Recommended

  26. Books we have suggested the Library should buy for 2017-18 12 items
    1. European Community -- Yugoslav relations: debates and documents that mattered, (1968-1992) - Branislav Radeljić 2017

      Book Recommended This document collection can be used in dissertations on Yugoslav foreign policy, Cold War history, and Yugoslavia's relations with the European Community.

    2. British women of the Eastern Front: war, writing and experience in Serbia and Russia, 1914-20 - Angela Smith 2016

      Book  Context for documents on volunteer medics etc in 'Women, War and Society 1914-18' collection

    3. Europe's Balkan Muslim: a new history - Nathalie Clayer 2017

      Book Background

    4. Realm of the Black Mountain: a history of Montenegro - Elizabeth Roberts 2007

      Book Recommended

    5. Montenegro: a modern history - Kenneth Morrison 2008

      Book Recommended

    6. Performing solidarity: whiteness and status-seeking in the non-aligned world - Jelena Subotic, Srdjan Vucetic 2017

      Article Essential This is a seminar reading for the workshop in November.

    7. The Non-Aligned Movement and the Cold War: Delhi, Bandung, Belgrade - Nata{caron}sa Mi{caron}skovi{acute}c, Harald Fischer-Tin{acute}e, Nada Bo{caron}skovska Leimgruber 2014

      Book Background

    8. Meanings of Bandung: postcolonial orders and decolonial visions - Quỳnh N. Phạm, Robbie Shilliam 2016

      Book Background See Hozic, Aida. Chapter 8: False memories, real political imaginaries: Jovanka Broz in Bandung, pp.95-100. Digitised copy also available below.