1. Reading List 2 items
    1. Land law - Ben McFarlane, Nicholas Hopkins, Sarah Nield 2017

      Book Suggested for student purchase We recommend that you purchase this text. Please note that you SHOULD NOT confuse this with the 'cases and materials' book by the same author.

    2. Blackstone's statutes on property law, 2017-2018 - Meryl Thomas 2017

      Book Suggested for student purchase Essential Purchase

  2. Introduction to Land Law 1 item
    1. 'Property in Thin Air' - Kevin Gray 1991

      Webpage Background

  3. History of Land Law & the 1925 Legislation 1 item
  4. Leasehold Estates: Landlord and Tenant 1 item
    1. Modern land law - M. P. Thompson 2012

      Book Essential Please see pages 397 - 459

  5. Residential Mortgages 11 items
    1. Great debates in property law - David Cowan, Lorna Fox O'Mahony, Neil Cobb 2012

      Book Background

    2. ‘The Mortgage Arrears Pre-Action Protocol: An Opportunity Lost’ - Lisa Whitehouse 2009 (electronic resource)

      Journal Background

    3. The Home Owner: Citizen or Consumer?’ - Lisa Whitehouse 1998

      Chapter Background

  6. Going beyond your reading list 3 items
    1. Land law: text, cases, and materials - Ben McFarlane, Nicholas Hopkins, Sarah Nield 2015

      Book Background

    2. Land law: themes and perspectives - Susan Bright, John Dewar 1998

      Book Background Useful collection of essays on various issues in Land Law. Note publication date: not necessarily up to date law, but still useful discussions.

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