1. Research and evidence-based practice 17 items
    1. How to do a systematic literature review in nursing: a step-by-step guide - Josette Bettany-Saltikov 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    2. The evidence-based practice manual for nurses - Craig, Jean V., Smyth, Rosalind L. 2011

      Book Essential

    3. Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches - Creswell, John W. 2014


    4. Nursing research in context: appreciation, application and professional development - Bishop, Veronica, Freshwater, Dawn 2004


    5. Introducing research and evidence-based practice for nursing and healthcare professionals - Jolley, Jeremy, Jolley, Jeremy 2013

      Book  The link to the ebook is for the earlier 2010 edition.

    6. Nursing research: an introduction - Moule, Pam, Goodman, Margaret 2009


    7. Research for evidence-based practice in healthcare - Newell, Robert, Burnard, Philip, Newell, Robert c2011


  2. Teaching and Learning 13 items
    1. Teaching in further education: an outline of principles and practice - Leslie Basil Curzon, Jonathan Tummons 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    2. Nurse as educator: principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice - Bastable, Susan Bacorn c2008


    3. Teaching for quality learning at university: what the student does - Biggs, John B., Tang, Catherine So-kum, Society for Research into Higher Education 2011


    4. The practitioner as assessor - Howard, Sue, Eaton, Anne 2003


    5. The practitioner as teacher - Hinchliff, Susan M. 2009

      Book Essential

    6. Teaching and assessing in nursing practice: an experiential approach - Nicklin, Peter J., Kenworthy, Neil 2000


    7. Teaching, training and learning: a practical guide - Reece, Ian, Walker, Stephen 2007


    8. Psychology applied to teaching - Snowman, Jack, McCown, R. R. 2014


  3. Leadership Management and Teamwork 34 items
    1. Leadership, management and team working in nursing - Peter Ellis, Shirley Bach 2015

      Book  See below for Chapter 6: Frameworks for management and leadership

    2. For module 601234: Safe and Competent Adult Nursing use: 1 item
    3. For course 661702: Safe and Competent Children's Nursing use: 1 item
    4. For module 661707: Safe and Competent Learning Disability Nursing use: 1 item
    5. For module 601233: Safe and Competent Mental Health Nursing use: 1 item
    6. For module 661698: Safe and Competent Adult Nursing use: 1 item
    7. Coaching and mentoring supervision theory and practice - Bachkirova, Tatiana, Jackson, Peter, Clutterbuck, David 2011


    8. Leadership in health care - Barr, Jill, Dowding, Lesley 2012


    9. Coaching and mentoring at work: developing effective practice - Connor, Mary, Pokora, Julia 2007


    10. Patient safety and managing risk in nursing - Melanie Fisher, Margaret Scott 2013


    11. How to Motivate People - P. Forsyth 2006 (electronic resource)


    12. Law and professional issues in nursing - Griffith, Richard, Tengnah, Cassam 2014


    13. Beginning reflective practice - Jasper, Melanie 2013


    14. Group Dynamics for Teams - Daniel J. Levi 2016


    15. Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: theory and application - Bessie L. Marquis 2017

      Book  Previous editions also in library at class mark RT 89 M3

    16. Managing in health and social care - Martin, Vivien, Henderson, Euan S., Charlesworth, Julie 2010


    17. Leadership: theory and practice - Peter G. Northouse 2018

      Book Essential The library also has previous editions of this title at class mark HM 1261 N8

    18. Clinical judgement and decision making in nursing - Mooi Standing 2017


    19. Practical leadership and management in healthcare for nurses and allied health professionals - Eleanor J. Sullivan, Gayle Garland, Eleanor J. Sullivan c2013

      Book  Previous ed also in library at class mark RT 89 S9

    20. Guide to nursing management and leadership - Marriner-Tomey, Ann c2009


    21. Contexts of contemporary nursing - Williamson, Graham R., Jenkinson, Tim, Proctor-Childs, Tracey 2010


  4. Adult Nursing 1 item
    These texts are specific to Adult Nursing only
    1. Leadership, management and teamwork 1 item
  5. Children's Nursing 25 items
    These texts are specific to Children's Nursing only
    1. With a Little Support From Our Friends: Children, Trials and Bioethics 2013/10/21

      Article Recommended very important article regarding the nature of consent in research regarding neonates - I recommend everyone read this as it has far reaching implications for us all!

    2. Ethical research with children - Farrell, Ann 2005


    3. Children in medical research: access versus protection - Ross, Lainie Friedman 2006


    4. Children, families, and health care decision making - Ross, Lainie Friedman 2002


    5. Research and evidence-based practice 9 items
      1. The ethics of research with children and young people: a practical handbook - Alderson, Priscilla, Morrow, Virginia 2011


      2. Researching children's experience: methods and approaches - Greene, Sheila, Hogan, Diane 2005


      3. Doing research with children: a practical guide - Greig, Anne, Taylor, Jayne, MacKay, Tommy c2013


      4. Conducting research with children - Tyree, Wynne 2010 (electronic resource)

        Audio-visual document 

    6. Teaching and Learning 2 items
      1. Teaching nursing: developing a student-centered learning environment - Young, Lynne E., Paterson, Barbara L. c2007


    7. Leadership, management and teamwork 4 items
      1. Working with young people - Nursing and Midwifery Council 2008


      2. Nursing Children and Young People - Royal College of Nursing

        Website  Online collection of articles in relation to legal aspects of nursing care.

  6. Learning Disability Nursing 4 items
    These texts are specific to Learning Disability nursing only
    1. Learning disabilities: toward inclusion - Atherton, Helen, Crickmore, Debbie J. 2011


    2. Contemporary learning disability practice - Jukes, Mark, Bollard, Martin 2004


  7. Mental Health Nursing 6 items
    These texts are specific to Mental Health nursing only
    1. Research and evidence-based practice 1 item
    2. Leadership, management and teamwork 5 items
      1. Principled leadership in mental health systems and programs - Anthony, William A., Huckshorn, Kevin Ann c2008


      2. Risk assessment and management in mental health nursing - Woods, Phil, Kettles, Alyson, MyiLibrary 2009 (electronic resource)


  8. The safe and competent practitioner in the news 8 items
    here you will find articles from the media where the competence of nurses, whatever their field, is being discussed
    1. BBC News - Trust warned over staff shortages at Royal Lancaster Infirmary

      Webpage  staff shortages in the news jan 2014 still relevant now don't you think one year on?

    2. BBC News - Alder Hey Children's Hospital safety fears revealed in report

      Webpage Recommended in the news last year: Jan 2014 - whilst Alder Hey a children's hospital the implications are transferable to all fields don't you think if you look at the management issues. So what would you do if you had similiar problems in the area you worked? how could it be addressed? how can we stop things escalating?

    3. BBC News - Mental health staff to be based in police stations

      Webpage Background this was in 2014 but good example still of multi agency working to meet the needs of clients is so important. also when you are looking for posts - there is such a diverse range don't you think?

    4. BBC News - Shrewsbury and Telford NHS trust requires improvement, says CQC

      Webpage Background in the news January 2015 - CQC tells Shrewsbury and Telford NHS trust to improve it services - a trust that has been struggling with staffing issues


      Webpage Background in the news March 2015 - think about the implications for you as a newly qualified staff nurse

    6. NMC welcomes report on investigation into University Hospitals Morecambe Bay Trust | Nursing and Midwifery Council

      Webpage Background when you read this think about the implications for your professional practice

    7. Revised Code for nurses and midwives | Nursing and Midwifery Council

      Webpage Essential the new revised NMC code of conduct becomes effective at the end of this month (March 2015) this is essential reading for everyone

  9. Extra reading to dip into to help you move towards qualifying 6 items
    these are sources that you can dip into to help you build upon your professional practice as you are nearing course completion (no pressure eh!)
    1. RCN accountability and delegation - what you need to know

      Document Recommended principles of accountability and delegation for all practitioners including you

    2. human error factors in health care - concordat Nov 2013

      Document Recommended this is really important in terms of looking at why we make errors and how they can be addressed

    3. RCN beyond breaking point

      Document Background we know that you are not yet thinking about being a nurse manager but management of staff wellbeing is an essential part of that role

  10. Useful websites 10 items
    we are sure that you have a large range of sites that you have found useful during your course - now we would like you to share these across all the fields - let us know of any you have found particularly useful and we will put them on here
    1. Leadership - RCN

      Webpage Recommended RCN information on clinical governance and leadership

    2. Care Quality Commission | Homepage

      Website Essential The Care Quality Commission and you need to be familiar with its work as a safe and competent first level nurse

    3. 6Cs Live!: Home

      Webpage Recommended The 6C's campaign - essential reading as the site offers encouragement for staff who are really committed to making a difference for people accessing the NHS in whatever area of nursing or midwifery

    4. Consultation on revalidation and the revised Code | Nursing and Midwifery Council

      Webpage Recommended NMC site information on revalidation after your course is completed - this is important as will impact on the way in which you will have to demonstrate that you are a safe and competent practitioner

    5. Home - NHS Change Day

      Website Essential NHS change day was 11th March this year - what did you do to improve the care of patients and clients? what are you going to do in order to ensure that the care you give is always patient/client focussed?

    6. Freedom to Speak Up Review

      Website Recommended Francis Report - important for you to review this as part of your professional practice development

    7. Guidance and tools - RCN

      Webpage Recommended RCN useful leadership documents

  11. Going beyond your reading list 1 item
    1. You will find further information about the resources available in your subject area via the Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health LibGuide (may open in a new window) General access to Skills support and Library services can also be found here (may open in a new window)