1. Core reading 2 items
    Reading the core text forms the minimum reading requirement for a module. Students are required to purchase a personal copy of this text.
    1. Statistics for economics, accounting and business studies - Michael Barrow 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended This is a good alternative textbook which you may find useful to supplement Lind et al. It is pitched at a broadly similar level, but is not a perfect match in terms of coverage. Note that the Library has paper copies of older editions, which remain perfectly usable for this module.

    2. Basic statistics for business and economics - Lind, Douglas A., Marchal, William G., Wathen, Samuel Adam c2013

      Book Suggested for student purchase This is the main core text for the module, and we will follow it fairly closely.

  2. Going beyond your reading list 1 item


      You will find further information about the resources available in your subject area via the Economics subject guide (may open in a new window). General access to Skills support and Library services can also be found here (may open in a new window).