1. Core reading 1 item
    Reading the core text forms the minimum reading requirement for a module. Students are required to purchase a personal copy of this text.
    1. Maths for economics - Geoff Renshaw 2016

      Book Suggested for student purchase Earlier editions are also available in the library

  2. Highly Recommended 1 item
    1. Mathematics for economics and business - Ian Jacques 2015

      Book  SINGLE USER EBOOK: Please note that the eBook of this title has a single-user licence only. This means that only one person at a time can access this book.

  3. Going beyond your reading list 1 item
    1. You will find further information about the resources available in your subject area via the Economics Subject Guide (may open in a new window). General access to Skills support and Library services can also be found here (may open in a new window).