1. Pre-requisite reading 1 item
    As a guide for students the module leader has recommended the following texts which demonstrate the pre-requisite level of knowledge that is expected of students commencing this module. Students are not expected to have read the full text, but to be familiar with the material and level of content within it.
    1. Frank Wood's business accounting 1 - Alan Sangster, Frank Wood 2015

      Book Essential Please note that the eBook of this title has a single-user licence only. This means that only one person at a time can access this book.

  2. Core reading 1 item
    Reading the core text forms the minimum reading requirement for a module. Students are required to purchase a personal copy of this text.
    1. Financial accounting and reporting - Barry Elliott, Jamie Elliott 2017

      Book Suggested for student purchase

  3. Equivalent reading 3 items
    Often there are a number of books which may have been considered for use as the core text and can be considered equivalent reading. These books will usually provide different insights, and sometimes, greater depth in certain areas to the core text. A student wishing to rise above the minimal level of educational expectation for this module is advised to consult the titles below.
    1. International financial reporting and analysis - David Alexander 2014

      Book Recommended SINGLE USER EBOOK: Please note that the eBook of this title has a single-user licence only. This means that only one person at a time can access this book.

    2. Accounting theory and practice - Glautier, Michel W. E., Underdown, Brian 2000

      Book Recommended

    3. Advanced financial accounting - Richard Lewis, David Pendrill 2003

      Book Recommended

  4. Further reading 2 items
    Students wishing to excel on this module are advised to develop their understanding of critical, cutting-edge issues via the further reading, listed below.
    1. Applying international accounting standards - Alfredson, Keith 2005

      Book Background

    2. Applied financial accounting and reporting - Black, Geoff c2004


  5. Journal list 4 items
    The following journals are appropriate to the module and will contain further articles which you may find helpful.
    1. Financial Times Newspaper (Accoutancy section)

      Journal  You can search the Financial Times newspaper via the Proquest database.

    2. The Times (Accountancy Section)

      Website  Please view the Accountancy section. You can search for newspaper articles from the Times Newspaper via the Lexis database

  6. Websites 6 items
    You will find these websites helpful for the module and are advised to consult them regularly. You may discover other websites which are also helpful.
    1. Student Accountant magazine archive | Publications | Students | ACCA | ACCA Global

      Website  From this site you can access all technician articles and professional articles that have been published in the Student Accountant Magazine since May 1998; both sections will provide a very valuable source for workshop and examination preparation.

    2. Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu: IAS Plus Information Site

      Website  This site can provide you with a relatively succinct and easily digestible summary of individual International Accounting Standards.

    3. Financial Reporting Council

      Website  From this site you can access the sites for the UK'S ASB, APB, POBA, FRRP and AIDB.

  7. Going beyond your reading list 1 item
    1. You will find further information about the resources available in your subject area via the Accounting and Finance LibGuide (may open in a new window).  General access to Skills support and Library services can also be found here (may open in a new window).