1. Core Texts 3 items
    Reading the core text forms the minimum reading requirement for a module. Students are required to purchase a personal copy of this text.
    1. Understanding the world economy - Cleaver, Tony 2013

      Book Suggested for student purchase

    2. Understanding the world economy - Tony Cleaver 2007

      Book Essential Chapter 2: The transition economies

    3. Understanding the world economy - Tony Cleaver 2002

      Book Essential Use only chapter 1: Command, market and mixed economies

  2. Equivalent Readings 3 items
    Often there are a number of books which may have been considered for use as the core text and can be considered equivalent reading. These books will usually provide different insights, and sometimes, greater depth in certain areas to the core text. A student wishing to rise above the minimal level of educational expectation for this module is advised to consult the titles below.
    1. Please note 3 items
      There are no recommendations for equivalent reading. However, the following two textbooks do cover the same and/or related topics from different disciplinary perspectives (economic geography and political economy)
      1. Global shift: mapping the changing contours of the world economy - Peter Dicken 2015

        Book Recommended

      2. Global political economy - Ravenhill, John 2011

        Book Recommended

      3. Global economic issues and policies - Joseph P. Daniels, David D. VanHoose 2014

        Book Background

  3. Further Readings 1 item
    1. Economics - Sloman, John, Wride, Alison c2009

      Book Background You will also find some chapters of the following textbook very helpful.

  4. Going beyond your reading list 1 item
    1. You will find further information about the resources available in your subject area via the Economics LibGuide  General access to Skills support and Library services can also be found here