1. Core Texts 1 item
    This is the most recent core text for the module. Use this as your main reference point.
    1. The psychology of sport injury and rehabilitation - Arvinen-Barrow, Monna, Walker, Natalie 2013

      Book Essential

  2. Recommended Texts 1 item
    1. Psychology of sport injury - Britton Brewer 2017

      Book Recommended


    Every Monday, a list of six articles related to the lecture topic will be posted. Presentations of these articles will take place one week later. For instance, on October 8, six articles on Communication will be posted. If students prefer to use a different article that is not on the list, they are free to do so, but they have to check their choice with the instructor first. Two students can present the same article as long as they are in different groups.

  4. Week 4: Why Psychology? 8 items
    1. Views of Chartered Physiotherapists on the Psychological Content of Their Practice: A Follow-Up Survey in the UK - Arvinen-Barrow,, Brian1Weigand, Daniel2Becker, Caryl3Booth, Lynn 2007


    2. Psychosocial Aspects of Athletic Injuries as Perceived by Athletic Trainers - Clement, Damien1Damien.Clement@mail.wvu.eduGranquist, Megan D.2Arvinen-Barrow, Monna M.3 2013


  5. W5: Psychological Antecedents to Injury 9 items
    1. Risk Factor Analysis for Injuries in Football Players - Jiri Dvorak, Astrid Junge, Jiri Chomiak, Toni Graf-Baumann 09/2000

      Article  Presenter: Richard Barr (GROUP 1)

    2. Injury in Australian female competitive gymnasts: A psychological perspective - Gregory Kolt, Robert Kirkby 1996

      Article  Presenter: Emma Benton (GROUP 1)

    3. Background Reading

    4. A Model of Stress and Athletic Injury: Prediction and Prevention - Andersen, Mark B.1Williams, Jean M.1 1988


  6. Week 6: Psychological Responses to Injury 6 items
    1. Down but not out: Athlete responses to season-ending injuries - Udry, EileenGould, Daniel 1997

      Journal  Presenter: David Cleaton (GROUP 2)

    2. Self-protective changes in athletic identity following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - Britton W. Brewer, Allen E. Cornelius, Yannick Stephan, Judy Van Raalte 2010-1


    3. The Effect of Psychological Response on Recovery of Sport Injury - RAMÓN ALZATE sÁEZ DE HEREDIA, AMAIA RAMÍREZ MUÑOZ, JUAN LUIS ARTAZA 01/2004

      Article  Presenter: Lauren Chapman (GROUP 1)

  7. W7: Communication 6 items
    1. Injury rehabilitation programs: "What are we talking about? - Webborn, Anthony D.J.Carbon, Roslyn J. 1997

      Journal  Presenter: Claire Cocking (GROUP 1)

    2. Patient-oriented interventions to improve communication in a medical office visit. - Suzanne C. Thompson, Christopher Nanni, Lenore Schwankovsky 1990

      Article  Presenter: Rimini Draper (GROUP 1)

    3. Detecting deception from the body or face. - Paul Ekman, Wallace V. Friesen 1974

      Article  Presenter: Jack Curryer (GROUP 2)

  8. W8: Adherence 6 items
    1. Rehabilitation adherence and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction outcome - Brewer, B. W.1bbrewer@spfldcol.eduCornelius, A. E.1Raalte, J. L. Van1Brickner, J. C.1Sklar, J. H.2Corsetti, J. R.2Pohlman, M. H.2Ditmar, T. D.2Emery, K.2 2004

      Journal  Presenter: Katie Mitchell (GROUP 1); Presenter: James Hall (GROUP 2)

    2. Adherence to rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstructive surgery: Implications for outcome - Pizzari, Tania1Taylor, Nicholas F.1McBurney, Helen1Feller, Julian A.1 2005

      Journal  Presenter: Sam Jessney (GROUP 1)

    3. Injury rehabilitation: A goal-setting intervention study - Evans, LynneHardy, Lew Sep 2002

      Article  Presenter: Emily Field (GROUP 1)

    4. Self-efficacy, imagery use, and adherence during injury rehabilitation - Wesch, N.1Hall, C.1Prapavessis, H.1Maddison, R.2Bassett, S.3Foley, L.2Brooks, S.2Forwell, L.1 2012


    5. Protection Motivation Theory and Adherence to Sport Injury Rehabilitation Revisited - Brewer, Britton W.Cornelius, Allen E.Van Raalte, Judy L.Petitpas, Albert J.Sklar, Joseph H.Pohlman, Mark H.Ditmar, Terry D. 2003


  9. W9: Goal Setting 6 items
    1. The Effect of Treatment Goals on Patient Compliance with Physiotherapy Exercise Programmes - Sandra F Bassett, Keith J Petrie 1999-3

      Article  Presenter: Zoe Kayne (GROUP 1)

    2. Psychological skills and adherence to rehabilitation after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament - Scherzer, Carrie B.Brewer, Britton W.Cornelius, Allen E.Van Raalte, Judy L.Petitpas, Albert J.Sklar, Joseph H.Pohlman, Mark H.Krushell, Robert J.Ditmar, Terry D. 2001

      Journal  Presenter: Christopher Hotham (GROUP 2)

    3. Effect of goal setting on motivation and adherence in a six-week exercise program - Wilson,, Darren2 2009

      Article  Presenter: Charlotte Morris (GROUP 1); Presenter: Katie Houldridge (GROUP 2)

    4. Goal setting in sport and exercise - Kyllo, L. BlaineLanders, Daniel M. 1995

      Article  Presenter: Matthew Jackson (GROUP 2)

  10. W10: Imagery 7 items
    1. Evaluation of the Use of Healing Imagery in Athletic Injury Rehabilitation - Cressman, Joel M.1Dawson, Kimberley A.1 2011

      Article  Presenter: Emily Smith (GROUP 1)

    2. Imagery Use During Rehabilitation From Injury: A Case Study of an Elite Athlete - Hare, Rebecca1Evans, Lynne1Callow, Nichola2 2008

      Article  Presenter: Thomas Lawrence (GROUP 2)

    3. Imagery use by injured athletes: A qualitative analysis - Driediger, Molly1Hall, Craig1chall@uwo.caCallow, Nichola2 2006

      Article  Presenter: Stephen Omane-Boateng (GROUP 1)

    4. Self-efficacy, imagery use, and adherence during injury rehabilitation - Wesch, N.1Hall, C.1Prapavessis, H.1Maddison, R.2Bassett, S.3Foley, L.2Brooks, S.2Forwell, L.1 2012


    5. Keeping Your Head in the Game: Sport-Specific Imagery and Anxiety Among Injured Athletes - Eva Monsma, James Mensch, Jennifer Farroll 07/2009

      Article  Presenter: Thomas Maloney (GROUP 2)

  11. W11: Relaxation 5 items
    1. Use of mental techniques for competition and recovery in professional athletes - Mohammad Keilani, Timothy Hasenöhrl, Immanuel Gartner, Christoph Krall 2016-5


    2. Effectiveness of a stress management pilot program aimed at reducing the incidence of sports injuries in young football (soccer) players - Aurelio Olmedilla-Zafra, Victor J. Rubio, Enrique Ortega, Alexandre García-Mas 03/2017

      Article  Presenter: Amy McAvoy (GROUP 2)

  12. W12: Self-Talk 6 items
    1. Assessing the Effectiveness of Self-Talk Interventions on Endurance Performance - Hamilton, Ryan A.1Scott, David1MacDougall, Michael P.1 2007

      Article  Presenter: Hayden Clifton (GROUP 1); Nathaniel Tay (GROUP 2)

    2. A Descriptive Study of Athlete Self-Talk - Hardy, JamesGammage, KimberleyHall, Craig 2001

      Article  Presenter: Lucy Titterton (GROUP 1)

    3. Self-Talk in the Swimming Pool: The Effects of Self-Talk on Thought Content and Performance on Water-Polo Tasks - Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis1Yannis Theodorakis1Nikos Zourbanos1 2004

      Article  Presenter: Asha Walker (GROUP 1)

    4. The Effects of Motivational Versus Instructional Self-Talk on Improving Motor Performance - Theodorakis, YannisWeinberg, RobertNatsis, PetrosDouma, IriniKazakas, Panagiotis 2000

      Article  Presenter: Rachel Wilson (GROUP 2)

    5. The Antecedents and Consequences of Self-Talk in Competitive Tennis - Van Raalte, Judy L.Cornelius, Allen E. 2000

      Article  Presenter: Paris Turpin (GROUP 1)

  13. W13: Social Support 6 items
    1. Injured Athletes' Perceptions About Social Support - Clement, Damien1Shannon, Vanessa R.1 2011

      Article  Presenter: Emma Young (GROUP 1)

    2. Perceived social support from team-mates: Direct and stress-buffering effects on self-confidence - FREEMAN,, TIM1 2010

      Article  Presenters: Lewis Williams (GROUP 1), Emily Wood (GROUP 2)

    3. The Role of Social Support in the Life Stress/Injury Relationship - Hardy, Charles J.1Richman, Jack M.2Rosenfeld, Lawrence B.3 1991