1. General reading 11 items
    1. Online bibliography on Social Problem Films from Oxford Bibliographies

      Webpage Recommended This is a link to a list of resources on the Social Problem film. The key items in the bibliography appear in the main module reading list, but there are plenty of further resources listed that you may find useful.

    2. The problem film in America - Film and Society - Richard Dyer MacCann 1964

      Chapter Recommended

    3. Genre and Hollywood - Stephen Neale 1999

      Book Recommended

    4. The British 'Social Problem' Film: 'Violent Playground' and 'Sapphire' - J. Hill 01/01/1985

      Article Background Note that this article is about British, rather than American, social problem films, but its arguments are still worth considering.

    5. Two modes of prestige film - C. Cagle 01/01/2007

      Article Background

    6. The Hollywood social problem film - Peter Roffman, Jim Purdy 1981

      Book Recommended

    7. The effect of the motion picture gentleman's agreement on attitudes toward Jews. - Rosen, Irwin C Jan 1, 1948

      Article Essential Important study for the introductory seminar on Gentleman's Agreement

  2. Hollywood's Race Problem 12 items
    This reading list covers the weeks where we will be studying PINKY and THE SEARCHERS
    1. Pinky - Elia Kazan, Darryl Francis Zanuck, Philip Dunne 2005 (DVD)

      Audio-visual document Essential

    2. The Searchers - John Ford, Frank S. Nugent, Alan Le May 2006 (DVD)

      Audio-visual document Essential

    3. Shadow and act - Ralph Ellison 1967

      Book Essential Reprint of 1949 article on the 'race problem' cycle of films by one of the most influential African-American authors and critics. Pages 273-281 digitised.

    4. Twentieth Century's Fox: Darryl F. Zanuck and the culture of Hollywood - George Frederick Custen 1997

      Book Recommended Chapter 11, 'The Glittering Robes of Entertainment' presents good discussion of Darryl Zanuck's approach to social problem films

    5. The Searchers - Edward Buscombe 2000

      Book Recommended

    6. Hollywood's History Films - David Eldridge 2006

      Book Background See Chapter 5, Social History

    7. Darkening Ethan: John Ford's "The Searchers" (1956) from Novel to Screenplay to Screen - Arthur M. Eckstein 23/1998

      Article Recommended Useful essay discussing Ethan Edward's obsession with racial purity

    8. "The Searchers": An American Dilemma - Brian Henderson 12/1980

      Article Essential Key essay that argues The Searchers treats issues of black-white relations in 1956 that "could not be treated directly."

  3. Challenging the Patriarchy 2 items
    This reading list covers the weeks where we will be studying 9 TO 5 and THE STEPFORD WIVES.
    1. The dread of difference: gender and the horror film - Barry Keith Grant 2015

      Book  See chapter 'When the Woman Looks' by Linda Williams.

    2. The South Atlantic quarterly 1957-2003

      Journal Essential Pamela Wilson, “Mountains of Contradictions: Gender, Class, and Region in the Star Image of Dolly Parton”

  4. Challenging the Celluloid Closet 20 items
    This section covers the weeks when we will be studying CRUISING and PHILADELPHIA
    1. Philadelphia - Jonathon Demme

      Audio-visual document Essential

    2. Cruising - William Freidkin

      Audio-visual document Essential

    3. Queer images: a history of gay and lesbian film in America - Harry M. Benshoff, Sean Griffin c2006

      Book Recommended

    4. The celluloid closet: homosexuality in the movies - Vito Russo c1987

      Book Recommended

    5. Queer cinema: the film reader - Harry M. Benshoff, Sean Griffin 2004

      Book Recommended

    6. Flaming classics: queering the film canon - Alexander Doty 2000

      Book Background

    7. Out at the movies: a history of gay cinema - Steven Paul Davies 2016

      Book Recommended

    8. Brokeback Mountain | The New Yorker

      Webpage Recommended The Annie Proulx short story from which the film was adapted.

    9. Brokeback mountain - Ang Lee, Diana Ossana, James Schamus, Larry McMurtry c2005 (videorecording)

      Audio-visual document Essential

    10. Ang Lee's Lonesome Cowboys - Ara Osterweil 03/2007

      Article Recommended

    11. Brokeback Mountain - Gary Needham 2010

      Book Recommended

    12. Brokeback Mountain: Masculinity and Manhood - James R. Keller and Anne Goodwyn Jones 2008

      Article Background

  5. Representing Returning World War II Veterans 21 items
    This reading lists covers the weeks where we will be studying THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES and THE BLUE DAHLIA.
    1. The Blue Dahlia (1946) Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017

      Audio-visual document Essential You can watch this film for free online. You just need to log in using your University credentials.

    2. More than night - James Naremore 2008

      Book Recommended

    3. Fatalism in American film noir: some cinematic philosophy - Robert B. Pippin 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  See introduction.

    4. The Master - Paul Thomas Anderson

      Book Background Included as an extra on this DVD is John Huston's 1946 documentary about WWII veterans.

    5. Dossier on Best Years of Our Lives in MOVIE: A Journal of Film Criticism

      Webpage Recommended Scroll down the page to find links to the relevant articles.

    6. Film noir - Homer B. Pettey, R. Barton Palmer 2014

      Book Background

    7. In a lonely street: film noir, genre, masculinity - Frank Krutnik 1991 (electronic resource)

      Book Background

    8. Wyler's Wars - Sarah Kozloff 2008

      Article Background

    9. Film Chronicle - Robert Warshow

      Article Essential

    10. "The Best Years of Our Lives": A Review - Abraham Polonsky 04/1947

      Article Recommended

    11. Music and the Feature Films - Frederick W. Sternfeld 1947

      Article Background

    12. a Genius for Decency - Stephan Talty 1990

      Article Background

  6. Class Conflict in American Cinema 4 items
    This reading list relates to the sessions discussing FIVE EASY PIECES and PECKER
    1. Five Easy Pieces - Bob Rafelson

      Book Essential

    2. Five Easy Pieces (1970) Saturday, 13 Dec 2008

      Audio-visual document Essential BoB version of Five Easy Pieces

    3. Pecker (1998) Saturday, 13 May 2006

      Audio-visual document Essential BoB version of Pecker

    4. Pecker - John Waters

      Book Essential

  7. Digitised Content 1 item
  8. Going beyond your reading list 1 item
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