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3D Character Animation 551310 Module
440953 - Health of Women of Childbearing Age 440953 Module
441014 - Ethical Dilemmas and the Moral Maze 441014 Module
661891 661891 Module
771759 - Flood Resilience: Living With Water 771759 Module
Adult Nursing 440965 Module
Adult Nursing Practice 3 440964 Module
Advanced Business Economics 600539 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting and Theory 600538 Module
Big data and data mining 771762 Module
Core Music Techniques - 441027 441027 Module
Core Studio Techniques 441028 Module
Creative Business: Pitching & Design 551307 Module
Current Topics in Forensic Science 661917 Module
Disruptive Technologies in the Digital Economy (Online) 771794 Module
Domestic Abuse 661800 Module
Drug Use Today 600796 Module
Economics Dissertation 600570 Module
Education, Power and Knowledge 441022 Module
Environmental Pollution 601042 Module
Environmental Science Dissertation 601147 Module
Forensic Analysis of Drugs 661918 Module
Fundamental Nursing Skills 441039 Module
Global Human Rights 661895 Module
Health and Wellbeing 441015 Module
Imperial Colonies: Reinterpreting the American Revolution 600330 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications and Branding 551270 Module
International Finance 600545 Module
Interprofessional/Interagency Working 440995 Module
Introduction to Motion Graphics and Animation 440948 Module
Introduction to Psychology 330118 Module
Leading and Managing Change 700319 Module
Logistics, Customer Service & Marketing 500338 Module
Major Project 661930 Module
Medical, Rehabilitation, Gerontology and Nutritional Nursing 551342 Module
Methods of Teaching Modern Foreign Languages 771781 Module
Music and its Objects 551389 Module
Music Production Techniques 551385 Module
Offshore Wind Energy 771716 Module
PGCE Methods of Teaching (English) 1 and 2 771777 Module
Physical Geography in Action 551391 Module
Physical Geography in Action 661935 Module
Play matters 441019 Module
Playing God: Late Medieval Drama from Page to Stage 551355 Module
Poetry, Past and Present 441034 Module
Procurement and Supply Chain Operations 551381 Module
Project and Financial Management (Blended) 771729 Module
Promoting Health and Preventing Ill Health 441047 Module
Public Health, Society and Midwifery 501170 Module
Quality Improvement in Health and Social Care 771634 Module
Reading the World: Intercultural Encounters 441036 Module
Research and application in AI and Data Science 771765 Module
Research project 600549 Module
Services Marketing 600550 Module
Specialist Music Skills 551384 Module
Strategic Marketing Planning & Auditing 600551 Module
Surgical, Anaesthesia, Emergency Nursing 551343 Module
Sustainable Business and Innovation 551379 Module
Texts and Contexts 601185 Module
The Power of the Word: Stylistics 441035 Module
Understanding the Context of Social Work Practice 661805 Module
User Experience Design 771749 Module
Water in the Environment 771758 Module
Working in Music 661927 Module
Young Worlds 441037 Module

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