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Academics - Ordering for the new academic year - To ensure that materials are available for the start of the academic year, book orders and digitisation requests should reach the Library by Monday 5th August 2019 via the appropriate online reading list. If you have any questions please email If you require permissions to edit a reading list, please email For more information about accessing and editing your module reading lists, please see

List Owners - Rollover process Rollover took place successfully on Wed 17th July. All 2018/19 Reading Lists have now been allocated the time period of 2019/20. The 2018/19 versions of lists have been archived. Although, archived lists are hidden from view from the student search, the list can still be accessed by the URL so if a student requires access to an archived list for re-sits, they can request a link to the exact list via the Collections Admin team who are happy to facilitate access. If you have any queries regarding rollover, please email